VA Outsourcing

ERN/TRAF VA Outsourcing helps you ensure the government leaves no veteran behind.

We focus exclusively on providing regulatory claims representation along the revenue cycle designed to increase a hospital’s cash flow and VA regulatory compliance.

Client Focus:

  • We are exclusively focused on protecting patients and providers rights nationwide.
  • We dedicate a compliance team led by a senior-level executive to every provider member (client.)
  • We employ a consultative approach with clients to improve claims status and authorization requests from the VA for poststabilization services and care.
  • We offer multiple cash acceleration solutions from a single source.

Enforcement Campaigns – We provide a compliance environment for the VA to review and identify single and multiple violations to instill preventative measures and mitigate a provider’s loss.

Regulatory Complaint Filing – For VA Hospitals that do not self-initiate corrective action plans and redress violations, we escalate the issue to the appropriate VA Network Director for review and enforcement and will appear before the ALJ when requested.

Reporting – We provide transparent and timely reporting that identifies denial trends to track problem VA Hospitals and gain insights for optimized decision making.

Compliance – ERN/TRAF is compliant with each provider member’s policies and procedures. We are HIPAA compliant, and receive additional compliance training that governs uncompensated medical care annually.

The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy (NCRA) advocates for uncompensated medical care, legislation and solutions on how to help providers fight for medically appropriate care (for their patients) in light of the significant burden on the nation’s emergency safety net. Visit us here to view our latest press releases and action against VA untimeliness of payment and mismanagement.

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