About Us

We are the exclusive provider of REVAssurance-enabled business office outsource services, advocacy and regulatory claims representation.

Streamlining patient access through patient financial services, we fight violations of public health and safety and deploy the company’s renowned, web-based proprietary denial management program (REVAssurance), Clinical Denials Unit and billing technology to accelerate revenue capture, overturn prospective, concurrent and retrospective denials, decrease bad debt and improve operating margin and cash flow.

We will work onsite with your staff to redesign and implement regulatory driven processes while leveraging ERN technologies and expertise for your case management and business office functions.

In partnership with ERN/The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy, we also leverage our internal health law advocacy experts to train staff, write policies/procedures, and reduce denials and underpayments to increase monthly gross revenue and maximize your recoveries.  National alumni members get to work with our President, Ed Norwood, to thwart payor improper denials and use our proprietary appeal letter writing program if qualified.

What people are saying:

After Ed sent an email from last Spring’s Part II Boot Camp, he sent an email as a follow-up to discussions with the MN Department of Commerce contact in relation to payers denying timely filing (due to patient not notifying us of coverage timely.)  Our situation was a denial of timely request of an authorization for an expensive drug.  We were timely in respect to notification of coverage from the patient.  We sent the email Ed sent referencing his discussion with her—and the MN statute—and within the hour they called to tell the biller they will reprocess the claim.  She had two claims that week with this scenario—totaling 80K—that the payer reprocessed for payment.

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